Move Better - Feel Better - Perform Better

Biomechanical Evaluation

We have a range of clinical and research grade testing equipment. This allows us to assess how well your body is functioning; target treatment or prevention strategies and accurately monitor your progress. 

Movement analysis:

We use high speed video analysis and current concepts in sports medicine and performance science to develop effective strategies to help you to move better. 

Strength testing:

       Lafayett Manual Muscle Tester

       Lafayett Manual Muscle Tester

We use dynamometry by Lafayette to measure muscle performance and strength ratios. Testing with these devices can accurately identify your risk of a range of conditions, from rotator cuff and shoulder pain to hamstring and groin injuries. For sportspeople, this helps us in identifying when you're fit to return to full competition. But accurate, evidence based testing is particularly useful for providing reassurance that your muscles are working well and that you're making real progress.

Exercise is Medicine

Our exercise room has rehabilitation and strength equipment to rebuild anyone from recreational trainers to elite athletes. That means that we can build a plan around your specific goals and help you build confidence, for your return to full performance.